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 polaris 850

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V.I.P Member

Joined : 2008-01-28
Posts : 1637
Age : 42
Location : Tullahoma, TN. Was Fayetteville, never again

PostSubject: Re: polaris 850   Mon Jun 15, 2009 5:26 pm

Keep in mind jughead had bighorns and new aftermarket wheels too, and still beat a Outlander max. Just don't know if the max was stock or modded either.
I am inpressed with the 850, but that dosen't mean i want or need one.

I'll keep my 650 can-am for time being. So far i have had very good luck out of mine. No problems whatsoever and my dealer is about the best can-am/sea-doo dealer i have ever dealt with. So i know he'll stand behind the product.
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Jug Head
TCM Race Team

Joined : 2008-01-16
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Age : 40

PostSubject: Re: polaris 850   Mon Jun 15, 2009 5:37 pm

The dealer will make or brake your happyness with any bike Just go with what fitts your style wheelie They all are Crap Laughing Except for the 850 XP Stir the Pot
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Bald Eagle
CATVR Junkie

Joined : 2008-01-15
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Location : Murvul

PostSubject: Re: polaris 850   Mon Jun 15, 2009 5:43 pm

Seneca2e has a few Canned Hams yet he bought and rides the new Popo 850 on every trip now. I think they're on their 2nd Rhino too.
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V.I.P Member

Joined : 2008-01-28
Posts : 1637
Age : 42
Location : Tullahoma, TN. Was Fayetteville, never again

PostSubject: Re: polaris 850   Mon Jun 15, 2009 5:44 pm

Ok, ok well, i've seen more popos have their share of problems, but i guess that is any bike. Still I'd rather have mine than a Fugly Popo anyday. Just keep in mind no matter what you have, there is a company working on something bigger and better.

As long as one is there to pull me out of a mudhole( if i ever decide to go thru one real deep), I don't care what anyone rides. Even if it is a sloww honda, they are more dependable than anything else.
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Senior Member

Joined : 2008-03-09
Posts : 210
Age : 28
Location : Seymour, TN

PostSubject: Re: polaris 850   Mon Jun 15, 2009 6:49 pm

OutlanderDan wrote:
Some of you guys kill me...

Can-Am builds the best all around ATV...PERIOD!

You guys already know and openly admit, you can't beat them on a drag strip (WR Spring Jam winner...Renegade) or in a mud mud guys get pounded by them every time you enter a pit with them. And as far as being suitable for trail riding...we just finished up 7 of the toughest, rockiest, nastiest Utah trails I have ever been on with 4 Can-Ams and the only thing that got beat up was the bottom of the skid plates...all of the bikes made it through with 0 mechanical or electrical problems...yeah, they do just fine on the trails.

You want the best bike...get a want to always be anything else.

If your into speed, you can't beat a Renegade...Want great trail ability and comfort ? (with a better than anyone else has, amount of speed) get an Outlander. You get what you pay for, Can-Ams are quite expensive and worth every last penny!

Amen Od and great post Twisted Evil I have to say myself Ive owned almost every brand of every big bore around and my new canam is by far the best bike I have ever throwed my leg over. I have close to 2K on my 650 and so far all I have done to her is one ball joint. Thats sayn alot the way i ride her and treat her. Laughing Hands doun Canam is the best machine money can buy Razz
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Joined : 2009-01-20
Posts : 21

PostSubject: Re: polaris 850   Mon Jun 15, 2009 7:57 pm

It's true I really like the 850xp with power steering. Ride is hands down plusher than the Can Am. But the Can Am is a sportier ride(stiffer more like a solid axle and hence a little less comfortable-give in one area and take in another).

But as to the race-my seat of the pants impression was always that the Can Am was faster out of the hole than the 850xp. At the Summer Stamped Amanda raced them both as did Josh. She was first overall on the Can Am 800 max beating herself on the 850xp(which took second-these were timed races). Josh took a third on the same Can Am max. So there you have it-difference was primarily the weight of the riders.

To Clarify results.

Can Am 800(Amanda)-3.69
Polaris 850xp(Amanda)-3.769
Can Am 800(Josh)-3.827
Polaris 850xp(Josh)-4.039

So you can see how people can argue things that are quite unscientific lol. Had Amanda NOT raced the Can Am you could say a 850xp spanked a Can Am max lol when clearly apples to apples with the same riders the Can am is undeniably faster. They both are very fast and results could be flip flopped with minor changes. These were both stock machines.
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Joined : 2008-01-15
Posts : 9662
Age : 39
Location : Crossville,TN

PostSubject: Re: polaris 850   Mon Jun 15, 2009 10:25 pm

Jug Head wrote:
Sure come on down Cool I brake it I Sad You brake it you buy Laughing

Deal....Surely its not real easy to break is it....I am OCD with all my ATV' I doubt I will hurt anything Laughing

Riding Shotgun with PWM... eat2

Cumberland ATV Riders

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Jug Head
TCM Race Team

Joined : 2008-01-16
Posts : 617
Age : 40

PostSubject: Re: polaris 850   Tue Jun 16, 2009 8:00 am

No anty time you want to give it a try Boots Cool
Like what Seneca2 said when me and CE were racing it was who ever got the hole shot beat the other by 6" to a foot Shocked Buy what make you happy Dead Horse
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PostSubject: Re: polaris 850   

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polaris 850
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