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 HuterWorks Write up on CanAm Commander

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PostSubject: HuterWorks Write up on CanAm Commander   Wed Jun 09, 2010 1:04 pm

a write up emailed by hunterworks, come on rzr nazis, hows this for a comparison?

June 8th

Can Am Commander UTV
I have been about to bust for so long about the Can Am Commander. I had the opportunity to be a beta tester like a few others and spend quite a few hours in the seat of all the models.
When we got to test ride the vehicles we had the competition there to ride as well. When you ride one vehicle say a month apart from another brand vehicle they all ride the same but when you can get out of one and right in another the differences become so apparent. Right from the beginning I knew the Commander was totally different, it feels like it has long travel when it does not. I have never been able to drive across terrain as fast as I could with the Commander. The rear swing arm suspension just soaks it up.
I rode all the models from 800 to 1000X and they all handle and ride great. I remember after riding the Commander for the first time and then getting into a Rhino I thought I had it in low range. The dash was in metric so I didn't know how fast I was going, I actually pulled over to check. The power and speed is just that much of a difference. Me and another test rider drag raced the Commander 1000 against a RZR and there just was no comparison, the Commander simply just left it. Comparing the suspension of the Commander X to the RZR S again was no comparison, the Commander's suspension just soaks up whatever you want to give it. I can tell you I was trying to just break the unit when I was testing, I ran it so hard and totally abused it and it just keep on giving back. The rear swing arm suspension with Fox shocks is so predictable and plush without the feeling of being too soft. I can tell you a heap of thought goes into one of these vehicles, they just don't throw one together.
The basic difference in the lowest 800 model and the 1000 X is just tires, wheels and engine, the dimensions are the same. Do not think if you buy the 800 model you will be settling, it will still outperform anything else out there.
A couple years ago I collected some data on our forum about how to make the perfect UTV, this information was given to Can Am so they could hear from the end user and they applied it. It is hard to remember all the details at this point but I can tell you every decision on every part of it has been thru with a fine tooth comb. I remember one detail that is good compared to others. The air filter is under the front hood and the intake is ran from under the dash of the passenger side of vehicle in the cab. This should keep the dirt and water ingestion to a minimum. The bed is a very unique, the bed has a bed under the bed and it is also a dry storage area. The storage area under the bed is sealed off with rubber gaskets and it also has a removable section between the bed and under bed storage to make for a very large compartment.
The seats are the most comfortable I have ever ridden in and they come out of the vehicle and can be placed on the ground to be used as a camp chair by design. The engine in the 1000 is a 800 Rotax stroked to make it a 996 and it just plain powerful. I think the clutching is off on the 1000CC but spot on, on the 800cc. They told me if they clutched it differently all you would do is spin with all the power it has. I say let it spin!! Of course the aftermarket will take care of this!!
I remember the seat belts being comfortable too and the ergonomics of all controls very good.
Unless they changed something top speed was 70mph and there is no rev limiter. The way they control this is by the throttle blade opening since it is a throttle by wire instead of a cable. So at 70mph the throttle just stops opening, it will vary itsí opening to maintain 70 mph if you hold it there but no missing or cutting out which is much nicer.
What I can tell you is, it is the most advanced UTV I have ever ridden, it is the best handling UTV I have ever ridden and the most powerful UTV I have every ridden, and just like Can Am is known for, you open the box and it is ready to go. I could take a bone stock 1000 X model and win all the races if I could just stay away from the trees I am known to hit.
If I had anything negative to say about the unit it would be these two points. Just like every other UTV the steering rack is the weak point but the aftermarket will fix that. The other thing is I am not a fan of the under bed storage compartment but only cause it will limit the use of a dual exhaust which will be a much desired item.
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PostSubject: Re: HuterWorks Write up on CanAm Commander   Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:51 pm

Its a good writeup...we have several on but thus far everyone seems to love them!
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HuterWorks Write up on CanAm Commander
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