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 HID lighting for a canam

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PostSubject: HID lighting for a canam   Mon May 09, 2011 10:45 am

First off Please donít be mad at me if you canít make the HID lights work on your Bike. There are some People out there who say they wonít work but They Should work fine with following these simple instructions I have listed below. There are several sets around wired like this

Tools Needed: (Or at least what I remember)
Socket set, Flat and Phillips Screwdriver, Various Crimp Connections, Electrical tape, Heat shrink and Lighter, Cable Ties, Side cutters, Wire stripper, Silicone, Test light, and About 2 hours with your outlander.
***Firstly Before you Begin you must have at least some confidence in your wiring abilities and know how to read a Simple Light wiring Diagram. ***
1. Remove your headlight assembly from your ATV, You can do this while the headlights are still in atv but itís easier to just pull them out and work with them on your workbench
2. Remove the Factory Bulb from you ATV headlight housing.
3. Insert new HID bulb into factory housing. (I have run into on some of them you have to actually bend the little metal shield around the bulb with a pair of pliers to get it into some of the outty housings. Itís not a major change and doesnít affect anything with performance of the bulb. The Metal Needs a Simple squeeze on the side to get into the housing.
4. Once the Bulb is installed inside the housing mount it with the entire factory mounting hardware. Reverse process of Removal

The next step has two different ways to be accomplished.
You must reuse your factory rubber boot on your headlight. You must get the wires through this boot to connect your bulb the Ballast.
Option 1.
Clip the wires and stick them through the holes and Reattach the ends once through the boot. Smear Silicone on the wires before sticking through the boot just as a little added protection from Water. There are 3 holes in your factory boot and you will only use 2 with this method. Simply take a scrap piece of Wire and stick in the other hole and repeat process with Silicone. If you use this method make sure you cut your wires in the correct place so you will have enough to reconnect the ends to HID plugs.

Option 2.
Split the rubber boot just enough to get the HID connectors through and then Seal with silicone. This is the easier way to do it But then again I like the other way since it seems to be more waterproof. But itís just really up to you on how you want to run your wires.
After the Wires are through the factory boots you need to reinstall the boots to your housings and reinstall the housings in your bike.

*** Use Enough Silicone to get a good seal on the Rubber boot where the wires run through. You donít want a LEAK***

5. Mount your Ballast. Most people mount them on the Aluminum Cross bar that runs under your front rack. Itís a tight fit but it will fit between the Plastic and The Aluminum BarÖ I use 2 of the biggest Cable ties I had to secure mine in a cross over pattern. Mine have been raced and fast trail rode and sill havenít moved.
6. Ground your ballast, the factory BRP ground will give you all types of Problems with HID.. YOU will need a dedicated ground for the Ballast assemblyís. I use my Top Shock Mounting bolt since itís close to there. All you need to do is Crimp a Ring terminal onto the Ballast ground and you are good to go.
7. Other than that just connect the remainder of your Wires to HID and you should be good to go.. Just donít Use the BRP ground in the Headlight Harness.. They wonít WORK!!!
Wiring the H4 relay harness
I would also recommend using the H4 relay harness on your HID. Itís a Very simple install also. The HID Harness consists of the following, Ground, Battery positive, Trigger (from your factory headlight harness) and HID plugs, and the Relay. I mounted mine in Under the Front cover on the Right corner if you are looking at it from the Front of the ATV. By doing this all wires could run down easily and be out of the way.
I chose to ground the relay harness to the Upper Shock mounting bolt right below the fender. . The Power is a wire you will need to run from the Battery and hook into the Fuse link on the harness. The Trigger will be connected to One of the ATVs Low beam wires so it will actually control the relay when the lights are turned on and Ignite the Ballast and HID. On MY 2007 Model it is the light green wire in the headlight Harness. If you would like to Double check your Model get your test light and Test the wires until you find the low beam Wire. Simply Connect to this wire and you will be good to go as far as triggering your system. Connect the HID plugs on the Relay harness to the opposing plugs on your Ballast.
This covers the basic Wiring Guidelines for HID lights on your Outlander 800
Here are some pointers I Would like to make
*Make sure you use plenty of Silicone on the factory rubber Boots to prevent moisture issues.
*Use Good Cable ties to secure the ballast to the sub frame.
* Use Heat shrink on any connections you have to make. I would recommend and Overlapping Double layer of it on connections.
* Donít use the Factory Can Am Ground. It will give you FITS.
* Donít use the Factory Can Am Ground. It will give you FITS
* Donít use the Factory Can Am Ground. It will give you FITS
* Donít use the Factory Can Am Ground. It will give you FITS
* Donít use the Factory Can Am Ground. It will give you FITS
* Make sure you tie up and loose wires under the fenders. Your tires will find them and remove them from you if they are not ties out of the way. (Donít ask me how I know)

If you have Confidence in your Wiring and Can Read a Basic Wiring Diagram you can have working HID lights on your Outlander also.
Feel free to Pm me if you have any Questions on wiring them
Good Luck

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HID lighting for a canam
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